Entry #1

My goodness...

2017-03-28 23:57:23 by Rather-Drawn


So Newgrounds is still alive, nice to know that flash animation still has a home somewhere.

It's been something like 10 years since I was an active member, things have changed, but not much it seems ahah.



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2017-03-29 01:40:20

Lotta drama happened while you were away

Rather-Drawn responds:

I can imagin, are they still putting clock faces on everything?


2017-03-29 10:36:33

Still here and no plans on stopping. :) What were you known as back in the day if I may ask?

Rather-Drawn responds:

If I could remember I'd have tried to resurrect the account haha, it was something grandiose and silly no doubt though, teenagers.


2017-03-29 19:05:32

Nah, they don't put clock faces on anything anymore

Rather-Drawn responds:

I thought as much, that joke only had so much life in it after all, though at the time it had an almost occult following.